A CEL – Comissão de Direito Ambiental , da IUCN – União Internacional para a Conservação da Natureza faz referência na sua Newsletter nº 3 à realização do Congresso Internacional Protection of the Coastal and Marine Environment, que decorreu nos dias 19 a 22 do passado mês de Maio, na Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa, organizado pelo ILDA – Instituto Lusíada para o Direito do Ambiente.

Reports on Past Events
“The Instituto Lusiada Para O Direito Do Ambiente, of the University of Lusiada de Lisboa, under the directorship of Professor Dr. Branca Martins da Cruz, held a very successful three-day conference on the protection of the coastal and marine environment, in Lisbon on 19-22 May 2009. Nilufer Oral, co-chair of the Specialist Group on Oceans, Coasts and Coral Reefs, represented the IUCN CEL.

The Keynote speaker for the opening of the conference was Dr. João Mira Gomes, Secretary of State of the National Defense and Maritime Affairs. The conference speakers represented well-known academics and members of the legal communities from Europe, South America and North America. The conference covered a wide range of issues relating to threats to the coastal and marine environment. Issues covered during the three days included the legal aspects of the extension of the Portuguese continental shelf, the Portuguese legal framework for protection of the coast, protection of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and Mediterranean ecosystem project, implementation of the recently adopted EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, protection of the Brazilian coast and marine environment, criminal enforcement for the protection of the marine environment, climate and change and the effects on sea levels and coasts, and the problem of climate change for small island states.
The conference provided both a forum for the exchange of important information on coastal and marine legal developments and practices around the world, and perhaps more important, an opportunity for personal interaction among the participants. The three days were marked by lively discussions both during and after the sessions, including active participation from Prof. Branca Martins da Cruz’ students, who posed insightful questions to the speakers.

The hospitality offered by Prof. Branca Martins da Cruz and her hard-working staff, in particular Dr. Ricardo Barradas, was impeccable, reflecting the hard work and detailed planning that went into its preparation. The final proceedings, when published, will undoubtedly provide a valuable reference source for researchers and practitioners.”